Scary Good 3D Halloween Monsters

It’s that time of year again when all the good little girls and boys trade their street attire, and cash in on the neighbors’ generosity.

Since we just opened a Phoenix office with the intent of slowly creeping up on all of Hollywood’s 3D Visual Effects, let’s take a look at not-real, done right.

It’s true, kiddies. All these scary good 3D halloween monsters are done in Pixar-quality software packages such as Autodesk’s Maya and Pixologic’s ZBrush. Never to enter the corporeal.

Kudos to all the artists who made the cut.

Halloween Monsters: Dracula 3D ZBrush Model by Rick Baker, Monster Maker

Dracula Rick Baker

Halloween Monsters: Slimer 3D Model by Ralph Sutter

Slimer Ralph Sutter

Halloween Monsters: Alien 3D Model by Martin Beyer

Alien Martin Beyer

Halloween Monsters: Frankenstein's Monster 3D ZBrush Model by Rick Baker, Monster Maker

Frankenstein’s Monster Rick Baker