How To Measure Effective Storytelling

Recently, our President Michael Aars was asked to participate in a round-up on storiedup.co that posed the question, “Can effective storytelling be measured?”

Let’s take a look at his answer, because in marketing, if your brand isn’t telling the right story, how can you possibly expect the right audience?

“Anyone can tell a story. A child’s essay. A minstrel to the king. A brand to a customer. George Lucas. Katie Couric. Taylor Swift.

Whether or not that story is effective? You won’t know until you define your measuring stick.

Sing our national anthem.

Oh, say, can you see that Francis should consider his two-minute ballad about the Defense of Fort McHenry a storied success?

Francis Scott Key's Original Star-Spangled Banner Manuscript

Francis Scott Key Original Star-Spangled Banner Manuscript

Disney has produced over 300 films and draws 16.2 million guests annually to Disneyland—only one of its five worldwide resorts. Undeniable commercially-effective storytelling.

Disneyland Sign Circa 1955

Disneyland Sign Circa 1955

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the nine Biblical vignettes frescoed on the Sistine Chapel ceiling are worth 5 million neck-straining visitors per year. That’s about 13,700 visitors a day. Five hundred years later, Michelangelo would probably consider that effective. Especially because he thought of himself as a sculptor.

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, The Creation of Adam

Michelangelo The Creation of Adam

Define success and see if your story measures up.

What will it be for you?

Money? Blog hits? Sequels? Pulitzers? Or my personal favorite, whether a child will want to hear it again tonight.”

“Read it again, Daddy”

Bedtime Read It Again, Daddy