Guerrilla Marketing That Doesn’t Monkey Around

These days, non-traditional media is almost more ubiquitous than traditional. Some see it as advertising bleeding beyond its normal, permissible boundaries. Others love the fresh creativity, and reward the marketers for their unique and attention-capturing innovation.

Whatever your opinion, guerrilla marketing is here to stay.

And in some cases, the ideas themselves are so captivating…so endearing, we have to admit our marketer’s envy. Whether peddling beer or providing warmth for the homeless, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Nordic Outdoor Climbing Wall - by Valentin&Byhr, Göteborg, Sweden

Nordic Outdoor Climbing Wall by Valentin&Byhr

With the tagline Start Exploring, Valentin&Byhr wanted to increase traffic at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre for their client Nordic Outdoor. Let’s just hope there was an extra entrance on the roof.


Nationwide Insurance “Coop’s Paint” Guerrilla Marketing - By TM Advertising in Dallas, Texas

Nationwide Insurance Coop’s Paint, Life Comes At You Fast

Lauded with awards, Art Director Judd Oberly and Copywriter Michael Page have since joked, “This idea really captured the essence of the Nationwide campaign: ‘Life comes at you fast.’ But it didn’t help Coop’s Paints sales at all.”


Each time a Euro is put in, the ad turns into a heater for the homeless - By DDB Tribal Vienna for Caritas

Caritas Each time a Euro is put in, the ad turns into a heater for the homeless

Social welfare charity Caritas charged DDB Tribal Vienna in Austria to raise awareness for the plight of the homeless—especially after their recent eviction from the Viennese City Park. By inserting a Euro, people gave the gift of warmth. Both to those in need, and themselves.


Had a rough day? Grab a beer on your way home. Guerrilla Marketing by Sepia in Chile

Baltica Beer“Grab A Beer” Subway Campaign by Sepia in Chile

Had a rough day? Why not grab a beer on your way home? Sepia, a Chilean agency, created this thirst-motivating guerrilla install for client Baltica Beer. Don’t mind if we do…we’re not driving.


No one should have to call this home. Guerrilla Marketing - by Cossette for the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Park Bench Address Plaques by Cossette

It gets cold in Canada, doesn’t it? That’s why Cossette in Toronto engineered these address plaques to be placed at various locations around the city’s public spaces reminding people, “No one should have to call this home.”

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